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Retaining Wall, Redi-Rock
Big Block
Retaining Walls

Foster Retaining Walls Specializes in building retaining walls, but what we do best in retaining walls are big block walls. The products we work with most are Verti-Block and Redi-Rock.

Retaining Wall, Fencing

Fencing can serve as a beautiful aesthetic addition to your retaining wall as well as add an element of safety. please let Foster Retaining Walls know if you have a need for a fence with your retaining wall.

Retaining Wall, Redi-Scapes
Small Block Retaining Walls

On some projects a small block retaining wall is the best solution to keep costs down. Foster Retaining walls has installed numerous small block retaining walls right at home in Lexington as well as across the state.

Concrete Pavers

In recent years Foster Retaining Walls has begun installing pavers with great success. The expertise that our employees have gained through setting retaining walls builds the perfect skill set for concrete paver installation.

Retaining Wall, Concrete Stain
Retaining Wall Staining

Not happy with the color of retaining walls available. why not have Foster Retaining Walls change it. We specialize in staining, sponging, and blending techniques that can upgrade the look of any retaining wall.

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